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Keeping up family connections along Offa’s Dyke

Alastair Cuthbertson is a nephew of Mamie Martin, a first cousin of Mamie’s daughter, Margaret. He and his wife, Carol, are loyal supporters of the Mamie Martin Fund (MMF), carrying on Mamie’s vision.

Alastair and Carol have taken part in the MMF cycling projects over the last couple of years. Now in their 80s, they appreciate their ebikes for these adventures. This year, Carol is walking rather than cycling. She identified Offa’s Dyke as her #borders22 route. This is the boundary of Wales and England. Carol is not able to walk this in reality so she is doing it virtually in the Chilterns, England, where they live. Similarly, Sally Macpherson has walked the Berlin Walk in and around Edinburgh as part of #borders22.

Carol started this walk in April and updated us in July:

“The total length of Offa’s Dyke Path is 176.3 miles. So far I have walked 130 miles. 

Aerial view of Offa’s Dyke

Apart from a weekly walk starting from my friend’s house, all the walks have been from home, not more than 2 or 3 miles each time, so it’s taking a while! I tend to go in the afternoon. I have been having fun tying the Dyke walk with local points of interest.”

Carol writes up her walks on a regular basis and these appear in her blog on the MMF website. We think that she is very cool to have her own blog. Mamie Martin would have loved it. She kept a diary and would certainly be a blogger if she were alive today.