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Ready to Learn Fund

Mercy Sibande, Malawi Manager, holds a fund from which girls are given small grants for items such as soap, transport, writing materials. All payments made are recorded by Mercy and reported quarterly.

Initially the provision of reusable sanitary wear was part of the Ready2Learn Fund but it quickly became apparent that all of our girls need these items and so we have fundraised separately so that we can provide these without pressure on the Ready2Learn Fund. The sanitary wear is sourced from Supreme Malawi, a Malawian business in Nkhata Bay, with whom we have an excellent relationship.

Each of these projects includes a budget for our Ready2Learn Fund but meeting the needs girls supported by these projects is not constrained by that funding; if core MMF funding is needed, it is used.

It is possible to donate to MMF and ask for that donation to be allocated to the Ready2Learn Fund or to the provision of sanitary wear.

“R2L Fund is helping our girls, if it was not there some of these girls would not be able to accomplish their goal of secondary education although fees already paid for them.“ Mercy Sibande