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Thompson Scholarship Fund

Jack and Phyllis Thompson first arrived in Malawi in 1970 when Jack was appointed as a teacher at Livingstonia Secondary School and they both became fully involved in the life of the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia. Through classroom teaching, historical research, postgraduate supervision, educational leadership and, above all, through the friendships they formed with Malawian colleagues and students, Jack and Phyllis made an impact that will long be cherished. Jack died in 2017 and Phyllis in 2018, their loss is greatly mourned both in Malawi and in the UK. This fund was set up in 2018.

Their daughter, Jenny ran the London Marathon in 2022 in support of this fund. She raised over £4k. Well done Jenny! In 2023 family friend, Helen Nyul, came third in the female race of The ROC England, an astonishing triathlon and raised just under £3k.

In recognition of their lives and work, the Thompson Scholarship Fund was launched in 2018 to provide the opportunity of a secondary education to girls who would otherwise miss out due to lack of means. Three girls, Funny, Deborah and Mary, started on this scholarship in September 2019 at Embangweni Secondary School for Deaf Children. We now support 7 ‘Thompson Girls’ at that school as well as other MMF-funded places.

Funny, Deborah, Mary, are three of the six girls being supported at secondary school in Malawi by the Thompson Fund, administered by the Mamie Martin Fund.

The current fundraising page was set up in November 2021 after the closure of VirginMoneyGiving. It does not reflect the balance in this fund, which is available to any interested party on enquiry.

Both Jack and Phyllis supported education in Malawi throughout their lives and were acutely aware of the need for financial support to girls and young women at secondary school and university. Any funding which directly enables girls to stay at school makes a difference to their lives, the lives of their present and future families and, we all hope, to the Nation.