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Farfetched – a book about poems in other languages

Daphne Loads takes part in our activity projects each year. She rides a trike around East Lothian. Her plan in #borders22 is to trike a star of East Lothian and you can read her blog about it on that page. As well as thinking about borders, she had been thinking about language borders, as it were. She has just published a book about poems in foreign languages. She is donating all the proceeds to MMF and she says this about the book and about why she is making this generous donation:

Farfetched is a book about reading poetry in different languages: what we notice and what we miss, and how poems can help us to make sense of our experiences. I loved writing it, and I hope people will enjoy reading it.

I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without access to good teachers, books and libraries. What if I had been told “you can’t go to secondary school because we don’t have enough money, and anyway you’re a girl …” That’s what happened to my mother; and that’s why all the proceeds from Farfetched are going to the Mamie Martin Fund.”

The book can be purchased in paperback or Kindle format from Amazon.

Remember that if you buy any product through Amazon Smile and have selected MMF as your charity we get a % of each of your Amazon purchases. Click here for Daphne’s book.