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How we are funded

The Mamie Martin Fund (MMF) is primarily financed by regular individual donations. One-off donations and the proceeds of fundraising projects are also important in enabling us to send money to Malawi for school fees and other needs of the girls.

Alongside this core funding, the following projects, or funding streams, have been established over recent years. With the exception of the Thompson Fund, they are all short-term, so your individual donations are really important in keeping us going.


All funds managed by the Mamie Martin Fund are subject to the same governance as core funding; selection of pupils is made on the same basis, viz., of need only, and the girls’ welfare is overseen by the MMF Malawi Country Director in the same way. Reporting is done to donors and major stakeholders once a year, usually in September/October.

Thompson Scholarship Fund

Established in 2018 in recognition of the lives and work of Jack and Phyllis Thompson, the Thompson Scholarship Fund has supported girls at Embangweni Secondary School for Deaf Children since 2019. Three girls were initially supported by this Fund and that number has risen to 7 as the Fund continues to attract strong support. Read more >>>>

This fund is open to donations from the public at https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/thompsonfund

Lancashire West Methodist Circuit

Since 2022, this group of 10 churches in West Lancashire has been supporting 6 girls at St Mary’s Karonga. These girls started in Form 1 in 2022 and will be supported until they complete their schooling. The project supports 6 girls / 24 school years.

This project has a JustGiving Campaign page and is primarily funded through the Circuit community, though is open also to the wider public.


Katy Fund

Established by a private donor in 2021 the Katy Fund is a four-year project which will support girls in the Diocese of Karonga schools and Mchengautuba Community Day Secondary School in Mzuzu.

Responding to the need for particular support in Forms 3 and 4 of secondary school, as evidenced by World Bank and UNICEF research and our own local feedback, the Katy Fund focuses on girls in those senior forms. It allowed MMF to support girls in Chitipa, in the far north of Malawi, for the first time.

A total of 26 pupils are benefiting or have benefitted from one or more years of fees paid and other support.

The Katy Fund is open to further donations which would allow MMF to continue this focus on more senior school classes. Contact MMF at [email protected]

The Pat Fund

Established by a private donor in 2022, the Pat Fund supports 5 Deaf girls at Embangweni Secondary School for Deaf Children for the 6 years of their secondary education there. These girls are amongst the most marginalised groups in the country.

Cameron Endowment Fund

In recognition of the lifelong work of Colin and Alison Cameron, a fund of £50,000 was received from the Scottish Government in August 2017 for the purpose of enabling MMF to support 23 additional girls at secondary school and two at university. The fund was spent over four years and the University support was delegated to the Soko Fund, with whom MMF has a partnership agreement.

An additional grant of £50,000 was awarded to MMF in 2018 to support a further 22 girls at secondary school and two at university. Again, this fund is being spent over 4 years in order to provide support for the pupils and students over the full course of their studies at either secondary school or university.

The girls supported by these endowment grants are known locally as ‘The Alison Girls’. Most of the ‘Alison 2’ girls have now completed their secondary schooling (or university). Two places are being held for girls who have had to miss some schooling due to pregnancy and childbirth. Two further places continue at the School for Deaf Children where their education is for six years, not four.

This fund was financed by the Scottish Government and is not available for individual donation.