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Current volunteers

We do not have any staff in Scotland so the work of running the Mamie Martin Fund falls to the Trustees, who are all volunteers. They are helped by a growing band of other volunteers, whose assistance is greatly appreciated.

Helen Robbie is one of Mamie Martin’s great granddaughters. She is a music tutor and choir director. While being a busy Mum to Calum and Andrew, Helen has dusted off her graphic design skills from school Highers some time ago and creates wonderful graphics for us to use on this website and on social media. This started as part of #Pledge100 but has continued so that we have professional content across our platforms.

James Champion is a translator and got involved with MMF because of his late wife’s friendship with Mamie Martin’s granddaughter. He is an enthusiastic participant in MMF projects and assists with our written communications. His trained eye means that our emails and bulletins are clear and accurate.

Hannah Wright is an International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response student at the University of Manchester. She helps us with creating and editing website content. She also makes nice graphics for us to use on the socials.

Having lived in Malawi, she brings great understanding to these tasks.

Richard Robinson is our Video Volunteer. We are hugely grateful for this help. As those of you who have done any video-editing will know, it is a very time-consuming task and can be very frustrating.

Richard manages our mastodon.scot social media account.

Richard also helps our Marketing Team with tricky techie tasks like map-making.

Shona McAllister‘s mum and late dad had a folk band with Mamie’s grandson, Willie. ‘The Gaitherers’  played several fundraising concerts for MMF. 

Shona is now part of our Marketing Team. She leads the social media team on event days, like the Kiltwalk. She will be a key part of the #Birthday30 team in 2023. 

Shona works in economic development and is a feminist and passionate supporter of women’s rights. She loves live music and theatre, running, and hanging out with her dog, Emmeline Pankhurst.