Our Mission

To advance the education of young women and girls in North Malawi in secondary schools operated by the Synod of Livingstonia, Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP), and other educational institutions.

We exist in order to support girls’ education in North Malawi and the vast majority of our income and resources is used to pay school fees. We are not able to accept donations for material resources, such as building projects and would pass on any enquiries to other organisations better able to respond.

If a donation is made specifically for material items, these are sourced in Malawi where possible so that the country receives the economic benefit.

The Mamie Martin Fund recognises the value of educating girls as part of the development of any society and therefore we are committed to the education of girls, while being aware of the need of very many Malawian boys for educational support.

The Mamie Martin Fund has, in the past, been able to support the building of hostels and teachers’ houses at the schools, however this was due to specific grants and donations made to the Fund. At the present time, the Board have decided to focus on the core purpose of the charity, which is to provide school fees for those girls in need.