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Past Events

2023 was MMF’s 30th birthday! 24 people celebrated by setting themselves a #Birthday30 challenge. We had some amazing photos and videos. See all the participants and their projects here >>>>>

In 2022, 22 people crossed, walked, cycled and scooted 26 borders in 45 trips, raising £6,620.00 for girls’ education in Malawi. Read more >>>>

Pledge100 2021

Pledge100, in the centenary year of Mamie and Jack arriving in Malawi, was about sharing the Mamie Martin Fund story and having fun. 28 people took part in completing 100 things that year. We raised £9k as well as engaging lots of new people in our work. Read more >>>

Bike2Malawi 2021

65 people rode short and long distances, pooled those miles/kms. They recreated the journey of Mamie and Jack Martin from Scotland to Malawi 100 years earlier. Read more >>>>

Story on Bikes 2020

On 2020, 43 rider took part in ‘Story on Bikes’. They did the equivalent of the route between the homes of David Livingstone (Blantyre) and Mamie Martin, in whose name we support girls’ education in Malawi, (Tarbet) – 47 miles.

Many also rode the full ride distance of 210 miles.

Some of those riders, including Mamie’s great granddaughter, are pictured here at Mamie’s old home in Tarbet. Read more >>>