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Our Values

We believe in education for girls, equality, and open and transparent working.

• We believe in the importance of education for all and recognise that girls and women are disadvantaged in their access to education in many parts of the world.

• We believe that supporting girls’ education is a key factor in the development of a Nation and our mission is to work towards that in North Malawi.

• We believe in the importance of equality of opportunity for our staff and volunteers and we work to that principle in all our professional dealings.

• We believe in the importance of diversity of age, background, beliefs, ability, educational level, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation in our beneficiaries, staff group, Board and volunteers.

• We honour the beliefs of our colleagues and our partners, while acknowledging that they may differ from our own.

• We are committed to inter-cultural exchange and understanding.

• We aspire to working in an open and transparent manner which allows public scrutiny of our activities and processes both in Scotland and Malawi.