About the Mamie Martin Fund

Based in Scotland, we provide money for school fees for girls who have gained a place at one of our partner schools in Malawi, but who cannot afford to the fees. In 2021 we are supporting 139 girls across six schools including seven girls at a school for deaf children. 

The Mamie Martin Fund is managed by a Board of Trustees, who are responsible for the governance and strategy of the charity, as well as ensuring that it is administered effectively. The charity relies on the help of a number of volunteers and the indispensible work of our Malawi Manager, Mercy Sibande.

Jack and Mamie are still remembered today in North Malawi and their story is vividly told in Salt and Light, the book by their daughter, Margaret, based on their letters and diaries.

Mariot Dallas reflects on her grandparents’ journey to Malawi in 1921

Margaret was born in Malawi in 1927, but Mamie died in 1928, giving birth to her second child. A visit to Malawi in 1991 by Margaret and John lit the spark for this charity, which was set up in 1993 after discussion with Malawian friends. In partnership with the Synod of Livingstonia, the Mamie Martin Fund has supported more than 650 girls through their secondary education in Malawi. These girls are already passing on this benefit to the next generation and to Malawian society, a lasting legacy in memory of a remarkable woman.