Welcome to the Mamie Martin Fund website. The Mamie Martin Fund was established in 1993 by the family and friends of Mamie Martin, to advance the education of girls in secondary school in North Malawi.

Covid-19 – 2021 did not start well for Malawi, with a sudden and serious rise in Covid-19 infections and deaths. While that situation is now improving, Malawi is ill-equipped to deal with the needs of Covid-19 patients. The Scotland-Malawi Partnership is leading an appeal to provide emergency oxygen supplies to Malawi.

After two periods of closure, schools reopened on Monday 22nd February. This is the first attendance of the new Form 1 pupils. We have provided each of our pupils with two face masks and are supporting them with the additional costs of transport and have supported the schools with hand-washing equipment, soap and sanitizer.

Mercy, our Malawi Manager, reported before this worsening situation in Malawi:

Although Malawi did not suffer much from the Covid-19 in terms of deaths and those affected by the pandemic but nevertheless the economic hardships inform of slow businesses, loss of jobs for some within and outside the country has made a huge impact that has been felt by many on our land and this led to the suffering of many relying on the small businesses.

Through Mercy we have supplied water buckets and soap or sanitizer to the schools with which we work. We have also provided each of our girls with two cloth face masks, purchased from a local tailor. The school closures have involved quite a bit of hardship and we have an appeal for funding to help with that.

We are helping the pupils with extra transport costs when they need to return home and then back to school.

We are glad that all but two girls (out of 138) returned to school in Sept/Oct. One was married during the first closure period and we have not been able to find any information about the other.

This year (2021) we are supporting 139 girls across the six schools, the additional place being funded by the Thompson Fund. Mercy is not visiting any school until the situation becomes very much safer.

Our photo exhibition helps us to tell the world why girls’ education matters. Watch our Events page for where the photos will be hanging over the next few months. We hope it gives you a flavour of our work in Malawi.

The new school year started in January 2021 and in this year MMF will pay the fees of, and support, 139 girls across six schools, including seven girls at a school for Deaf children in Embangweni. We work with the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia, Mchengautuba Community Day Secondary School in Mzuzu and with the RC Diocese of Karonga.

At least one MMF Trustee visits the schools we support in Malawi each year as part of our governance. This did not happen, of course, in 2020.

Fees at a boarding school (necessary for reasons of distance, safety and allowing the girls to study) are approx £350.00 a year. Fees at the Community Day school which we support are considerably lower at £55.00 a year.

“Your appeal is that you are focused; know your area, partners and client group well; have a small but committed group of supporters; and, most importantly, will have a long term impact through the education of girls. Not a difficult choice to make!”

Comment from a donor, explaining why she chose the Mamie Martin Fund.

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