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The importance of role modelling

We’ve heard so often about the lack of role models for girls in Malawi, in the north in particular. It’s hard for them to aspire to a job or profession if they have never met anyone doing that job. The schools tell us that this is badly needed but that they can’t afford to bring people in to speak to the classes – the transport itself is too big a cost.

So, when we decided to commission a photographer with a grant we had received, we were clear that the photographer must be a woman. There are very few female photographers in Malawi, we learnt. However we did find Nerani Nthara and she visited two of our schools this month. The photos which she will provide will be very useful for our website. They will also be a valuable aid in our reporting to donors and supporters. Another important outcome, and one written into the brief, is that the pupils meet this young professional woman and see her working.

Nerani engaged with the girls to show them what she was doing and explain photography to them. We loved these action shots and can’t wait for the final photos.