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The Mamie Martin Collection at Stirling University Library

The Mamie Martin Fund Trustees are always aware of the legacy of Mamie and Jack Martin and their experiences in Malawi in the 1920s. It was their letters and diaries that prompted Margaret Sinclair to write Salt and Light and, together with her husband John and their enthusiastic and hard-working friends, set up the Mamie Martin Fund in 1993.

Recently, Mariot, one of Mamie and Jack’s grand-daughters, delivered the first batch of Mamie Martin papers to the Archive and Special Collections team at the University of Stirling.  Reflecting on this decision, Mariot said ‘This collection is a fascinating glimpse into the lives and times of our grandparents. We are glad that they are now safely in the care of the Archives, where they can be preserved and made available for research’.

Rosie Al-Mullah , Stirling University Archivist  explained ‘We are delighted to take in the papers of Mamie Martin which detail a time little explored in the rest of our African History collections.  These collections have been consulted by researchers across the world and Mamie’s archive will add a valuable outlook on 1920s Malawi and missionary work. As with our other African History collections, we will be keen to digitise Mamie’s papers so that we can make them as accessible as possible, across the UK and beyond, notably adding them to JSTOR’s Struggles For Freedom online resource which provides free access to their African History collections to all higher education institutions across Africa.’