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Reflections of a new Trustee

Phil Wright, a new member of the MMF Board reflects on his journey to here:

Back in February 2023 my daughter Hannah, who is currently a Mamie Martin Fund volunteer, started to follow MMF on Twitter. And so, the journey to trusteeship began . . .

From that point, MMF followed Hannah back (I think that’s how it works?) and so a link was forged. It was forged to the point of me being registered for the Manchester Marathon to run alongside Han to raise funds for MMF. Marathon duly completed, I contacted Moira (who had been a great encouragement to Hannah) and we met with her and Mercy in Skelmersdale at a brilliant tea-party where Mercy shared news from Malawi. I was hooked!!

Since then, I have joined the incredible team at MMF to help with the oversight of the charity’s work. I have been warmly welcomed and incidentally re-united with a former colleague from Malawi (who ironically used to oversee my work as a headteacher in Zomba, as part of the school’s board of trustees). It has been interesting to learn how the charity works, the impact of the work on the lives of young girls in Malawi and the important role Mercy plays as she engages with the girls at school.

The supporters of MMF are amazing and dedicated in their fundraising and awareness-raising in support of the girls in Malawi, through the imaginative initiatives they undertake.”

Thanks, Phil, your support is much appreciated.