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Presentation of accounts, Alan Laverock

Financial Accounts


For the year ended 31 July 2021

Income and Expenditure Account

Balance Sheet as at 31 July 2021

Creditors and accruals

  • Due largely to Covid and subsequent timing issues
  • CCAP term 3 – not paid till after year end as school year postponed
  • Soko fund – not paid till after year end for similar reasons
  • Trustee trip – not possible till after year end
  • School year likely to revert to September – so above (hopefully) will be one-off


  • We rely on donations and fund-raising on an annual basis. 
  • Most expenditure is incurred in Malawi and is making a difference to girls’ lives there
  • We also create employment and have other spend in Malawi
  • Virgin Money Giving – is closing at the end of this month
    • We will have new arrangements in place by then