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Kiltwalk success

We are so proud of our Glasgow Kiltwalkers. Seven people and Toffee walked 14.37 miles on April 22nd – from Clydebank to Balloch. For most of them, including Toffee the Dog, this was their first Kiltwalk. But it won’t be their last. They are now established ‘Kilties’.

The team raised £1,000.00 in donations and this is being topped up by the Hunter Foundation to bring our total neatly to our target of £1,500.00. This will pay for a girl’s fees at secondary school (boarding) for all of her secondary education (4 years). What a result!

Toffee got a medal and a certificate and really was the star of the show. He did so well, in spite of it being quite warm for a husky on that particular day. Sa’ad was mentioned on social media by his school who were very proud of him and quite rightly too.

The Mamie Martin kiltwalk team

We are delighted to introduce you to the Mamie Martin team in the Glasgow Kitwalk on 24th April. They will walk 14.5 miles from Clydebank to Balloch. They are:

Intrepid leader and Kiltwalk veteran, Mariot Dallas. Mariot has obviously forgotton how sore her feet were after last year’s Kiltwalk!

Angela Drummond is a newbie to the Kiltwalk but a longstanding MMF friend and supporter.

Violet Hejazi, is a steadfast MMF supporter, normally on a bike. Violet, from Syria, is a law student at the University of Stirling and likes a challenge. Her life has already had more challenges than most people will ever encounter but she is up for the Kiltwalk.

With Violet is her sister, Simone, nephew, Sa’ad (11), and niece, Yara (10). They are being lent kilts by SlanjKilts, one of the Kiltwalk sponsors.

Violet is also bringing her friend, Sudhir Ghildiyal, who is a hotelier in Glasgow and his profile pic suggests that he might be handy on a building site too.

We wish them all a fun day. Heidi and Moira will be a mini support team on bikes, to fetch and carry as the walkers need. Watch out on the 24th April for updates all day and training updates before that.

The team page is here, from which you can access each of the fundraising pages. Remember, the Tom Hunter Foundation will top up all donations by 50% again this year. So this is an efficient way to donate a few pounds to girls’ education in Malawi.

Our kiltwalking is off to a great start

The Kiltwalk has become a Scottish institution – people of all ages and levels of fitness don bits of tartan and … walk. In the process, huge amounts of money are raised. One of the important factors is that all fundraising by walkers is topped up by 50% by the Hunter Foundation; this makes a Kiltwalk a really important fundraising opportunity for us, We are all delighted that the Kiltwalk is back in person this year. It is true, however, that those with memories of sore feet might not be so joyous.

The first Kiltwalk of 2022 will be Glasgow to Balloch, with different starting points for the shorter walks. This is the first time that the Mamie Martin Fund has had more than two people in a team. Our Glasgow22 team, ably led by Kiltwalk veteran, Mariot Dallas, will include a Syrian family who are very excited to be involved in this bizarre activity.

Free kilt hire is on offer from Slanj Kilts, one of the Kiltwalk sponsors. Tunnocks is another sponsor and so we hope to see plenty of their products being given away at the pit stops.

Moira and Heidi will be the on-bike support team and will be sending a fortnightly motivational email to the team with hints and tips about training and preparation.

To join the Mamie Martin Team for the Glasgow Kiltwalk, click here.

To support a member of the Mamie Martin Team, click here.