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Dr Andrea helps out with Story-on-Bikes

Andrea Adden should have been graduating with her PhD from the University of Lund, Sweden, today but the physical event was not possible due to #Covid19, so she generously gave her time to working with Trustee Moira Dunworth on #storyonbikes. A project like this, which aims to raise the profile of our work, needs a good social media strategy – that takes time and expertise. We are grateful to (Dr) Andrea for her advice and help. She and Moira have been meeting online to discuss hashtag following and other ways of letting the world know about #storyonbikes.

Andrea, a biologist,  has just finished a long study of the Bogong moth (Agrotis infusa). This involved many periods of fieldwork in Australia where she and Moira met in a hostel. Andrea’s work helps to understand how brains work. Any other explanation must be left to her – too complex for the rest of us! We greatly appreciate her help with #storyonbikes and wish her well in her new job in London.