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Moira’s borders22

Moira cycled around the Isle of Man on her Brompton (folding bike). That was not a good decision. Lovely though the Isle of Man is, only the northern bit is flat. However, a good time was had and a border was cycled for #borders22.

Photo: Moira cycling out of Ramsey on the Isle of Man

Moira also cycled the Scotland-England border, twice. She has a following wind both times, the first time it was a following gale, which was all to the good.

The second Scotland-England border trip led to a book reading at Berwick Library. The book in question was, of course, Tweed rins tae the Ocean by Alasdair Allan MSP. Dr Allan is kindly donating all royalties to two charities of which MMF is one. He has taken an active part in the #borders22 by joining in the Berwick Circular ride on 25th June.

Moira also did a few runs of the Leith-Edinburgh boundary.