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Bike2Malawi 2021

We’ve biked 10,679 miles to Malawi!

100 years after Mamie and Jack went to Malawi, we recreated their journey by pooling our individual cycling distances. Read more about the original journey in our travel blog. We made it to Bandawe with five days to spare, so we added a victory lap around Lake Malawi – an extra 1,000 miles that led us through Tanzania and Mozambique back to Malawi.

Total distance cycled: 11683 miles
3rd August 2021: Mission accomplished.

Bike2Malawi has been a collective effort, with individuals and groups cycling the distances of their choice on all kinds of pedal-powered bikes/trikes, including exercise bikes. Between 3rd June and 3rd August, we rode our distances and contributed them to the pot.

100 years after Jack and Mamie Martin went to Africa, we follow in their footsteps.

Bike2Malawi was about fun and engagement. We raised money of course but that was not the primary focus. As well as getting on their bikes, riders and their supporters made a donation, set up their own fund-raising pages, and/or shouted about us on social media.

Some riders added a bit of spice, African of course, to their targets, selecting a segment or two from the list drawn up by Bike2Malawi rider, Daphne.

As well as the main flexible ride, there were some group rides open for booking. All members of a group ride could contribute their miles.

Violet Hejazi was part of the Lancaster ride. See her speaking about the importance of education.