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Sally’s art

as part of Mamie Martin Fund’s #Birthday30 challenge

Sally created 30 pieces of art. See further down the page for details of each of the images.

  • 01 Part of a bouquet for a Big Birthday. Pen on paper, A5
  • 02 ‘Old Stones, New Stones’. Acrylic on canvas, A3
  • 03 ‘Narnia in EH4: the Lord Provost’s Lamp Post’. Ink and pencil on paper, A5 NFS
  • 04 ‘Signs of Spring’. Ink and oil pastel on paper, A5
  • 05 ‘Deadvlei, Namibia’. Ink on paper, A5 NFS
  • 06 ‘Starry Night, Greyfriars’. Print on card, A4
  • 07 ‘Leader in Village Bay, St Kilda’. Acrylic on canvas, A3 ‘Leader’ is a Brixham trawler, 130 years old. She used to sail out of Craobh Haven near Oban then went back to Brixham.
  • 08 Prayer Plant. Ink and pencil on paper, A4
  • 09 ‘Leader’ in Portree, Ink and pencil on paper, A5
  • 10 United Colours of Peru. Ink and pencil on paper, A4
  • 11 Black Madonna of Rocamadour. Mixed media on board, A5 NFS
  • 12 Birch Bark. Ink and pencil on paper, A5
  • 13 Black Beauty. Oil pastel and ink on paper, A5
  • 14 Deadvlei, Namibia. Acrylic on canvas, A4
  • 15 Springtime Memory. Ink and pencil on paper, A5
  • 16 Starting the Pebble Collection. Ink and pencil on paper, A4
  • 17 Venus over Imi Ouadder, Morocco. Acrylic on board, A5
  • 18 Van Gogh’s Starry Night by Magnus, aged 6. Acrylic on canvas, A4. NFS
  • 19 Van Gogh’s Starry Night by Sally, aged more than 6. Acrylic on canvas, A4 NFS
  • 20 Collecting pebbles on Lanzarote. Pencil and ink on paper, A4
  • 21 Child of Ladakh. Ink on paper, A4
  • 22 The Sentinel. Acrylic on board, A5
  • 23 Pebbles from Corfu. Ink on paper, A4
  • 24 The Guardian. Acrylic on board, A5
  • 25 Super Blue Moon. Acrylic on board, A5
  • 26 Pebbles are bigger on Gozo. Ink on paper, A5
  • 27 Child of Peru. Pastel on paper, A4
  • 28 Timber and Steel at St Pancras. Acrylic on paper, A5 NFS
  • 29 Teasel Glory. White, gold and silver ink on black card, A5 NFS
  • 30 Lord Magnus slays the Dragon. Mixed media on paper, A4. By Magnus (8) the Dragon and Sally (more than 8) the Knight.