< Mission – Mamie Martin Fund


To advance the education of young women and girls in North Malawi in secondary schools operated by our Malawian partners.

Values & Principles

  • We believe in the power of education to bring about positive change
  • We promote equality of opportunity for all girl pupils, staff and volunteers
  • We reduce barriers which can prevent girls from fully benefiting from education
  • We take all measures possible to ensure the safety, security, physical and emotional health of MMF girls, staff and volunteers
  • We seek opportunities to work with other organisations to achieve shared objectives
  • We make every effort not to knowingly accept or solicit funds, or purchase goods and services from organisations or individuals involved in activities which are counter to our values
  • We run our organisation as efficiently and effectively as possible, keeping costs low in order to prioritise direct support for the MMF girls.
  • We work towards the “localisation” of goods and services paid for by MMF and provided in Malawi.