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The Mamie Martin Fund is a Scottish charity which was established by Margaret and John Sinclair in 1993 to take forward the work of Margaret’s mother Mamie Martin, who lived with her missionary husband Jack in Northern Malawi in the 1920s. Mamie was a teacher and during her time in Malawi became aware of the need for girls to be educated and to make their own contribution to their community and their country. Her letters and diaries express her passionate views on education and inspire the work of this charity.

In the last 25 years, MMF money has funded over 2600 school places for girls and disbursed more than £390,000 towards that end to Malawi.

For more information on history, context and impact of our work, see our Website: www.mamiemartin.org


The MMF aims to combat the basic inequality by providing financial support for girls enrolled in secondary education, targeting those identified as in need. If in school they are less likely to marry young or suffer violence.

Therefore, the core work consists of fundraising and administering grants. This is demanding, as is the need to demonstrate good governance and to respond to new regulatory requirements.

Success depends on working well with partners in Scotland and in Malawi, two very different cultures.

Laundry day at Bandawe Girls’ Secondary School. Photo: Nelz Photography