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News from Malawi June 2024

From Alan Laverock, MMF Co-convenor and Treasure:

“I was in Lilongwe having just arrived in country and was taking breakfast at the lodge. There was a group of 13 young girls – probably late teens – together with 3 “minders”. It transpired this was the Malawi ladies cricket team en route for Rwanda for a tournament.

These were all girls from townships near Blantyre or Zomba. And they were on their way to a foreign country. How excited were they? Some hadn’t even been in the centre of Blantyre before!

A great example of sport changing the lives of youngsters in Malawi.

Mamie Martin Fund doesn’t major on sport – but we do major on education. Currently, we have 120 girls on our books. And we are offering them the same opportunity as cricket is for those 13 girls.

And we couldn’t do it without our volunteers. Whether you are cycling across bridges in pouring rain, opening gardens to visitors, updating websites or spending sunny afternoons on Zoom for a board meeting (and so much more), you are contributing to changing the lives of these girls.

Our girls all know they have been given a special opportunity and most will grasp that with both hands. These girls will be changed – and in turn will change their communities and region.

Thanks for being partners with MMF. It’s all appreciated! We ARE making a difference!”