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James Champion’s map images

James’ cycled across local boundaries and made a coat hanger! 

James is a translator and got involved with MMF because of his late wife’s friendship with Mamie Martin’s granddaughter. He is an enthusiastic participant in MMF projects and assists with our written communications.  For Borders22, he decided to cycle across local boundaries.

As the map shows, he made a shape of a coat hanger through his ride which is fascinating! 

Although he has done several rides, this is not the end for him and he is still motivated to keep cycling. 

About this event, he commented:

“I have been taking part in MMF’s annual, self-propelled activities for a few years now. Especially during the years of the Covid-19 lockdowns, when other options were limited, a campaign that involves getting out on my bicycle on local country lanes was a perfect outlet for my energies. This year’s theme of #borders has been an interesting challenge: previous campaigns entailed simply getting out and counting rides and/or distances, but this year I have needed to think harder about local geography. Luckily, my home near Reading is well located for this, as I am very close to the border between Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Since the campaign began in April, I have found several routes that involve cycling along or across a border between the two counties. On one ride, I even found myself on the banks of the Thames, at a place where the river itself forms the county border.” 

James inadvertently cycled a map of Africa (above) …. or Snoopy?

“One remaining ambition for this year’s event is to cycle a little further, beyond Henley-on-Thames, where I hope to reach the border between Oxfordshire and a third county: Buckinghamshire. Fingers crossed!”  [And he did – see top of this page!]

Thank you, James, for your on-going support of MMF and for sharing your story of this project.