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‘Elena’ was threatened by child marriage. Now she is studying Community Develpment at the Miracle Technical Institute.

‘Elena’ was a MMF beneficiary at the Karonga Girls’ Secondary School. Elena’s mother died when she was at primary school, and her father was not able to look after to her. Because her family was in serious poverty she was awarded a MMF bursary at secondary school. But her father remarried and during the summer holidays after Elena’s second year at school, her stepmother and brother tried to give her away to marriage.

Refusing to be married off made things unsafe for Elena at home. At age 18, Elena decided to escape from home and ran away. She travelled alone for nearly 100km, asking strangers for help with transport, till she arrived at Patricia’s home. It was Patricia who first found Elena and brought her to the school. Patricia took Elena into her own home where she was safe and loved. She continued at school, supported by MMF in terms of fees, uniform and other small needs.

Sadly, in 2021, Patricia passed away. She had started to support Elena (pictured) at the Miracle Technical Institue in Mzuzu to study community development. Along with the sadness of this loss, things became difficult for Elena at home. She contacted Mercy who sought advice from MMF.

Elena faced problems of fees and individual well-wishers are now supporting Elena with her college education. Elena hopes to become a nurse and she is full of hope for the future.