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Birthday30 Prizes

Thanks to everyone who took part in Birthday30. What a lot of lovely photos, videos and audios we had. Some prizes were awarded. Prizes for individual photos were judged by Tamani Chithambo, a Malawian photographer living and working in South Africa.

The #BD30 team awarded two prizes during the year:

Karin Kastern was awarded a prize for being the first to finish her challenge of photographing 30 Norfolk Churches. She chose a walking tour of Edinburgh with Blue Badge Guide, Debbie Davidson. Here she is (2nd from L) with her husband and daughter and the exuberant Debbie (red scarf).

Sue Dumbleton was awarded a prize for the amazing consistency of the photo compositions, featuring MMF in each one. She visited 30 reservoirs. No matter the weather, she was there, wearing the MMF tee-shirt!

Sue chose a prize of candles, being made by Violet Hejazi.

Next up are photos selected by Malawian photographer, Tamani Chithambo. Tamani is based in Cape Town, South Africa. She selected five photographs for a prize. She says about her criteria: “I have selected the photographs that stood out to me the most in terms of composition, interesting subject matter/story-telling ability, and creativity/originality. I tried not to judge based on technical skills as I understand that was not the purpose of the photographs nor were any of the contestants professional photographers.”

Richard Robinson

Tamani wrote: “Richard’s photo is particularly interesting for its contrast; the warmth of the pub contrasted against the night and its subject matter: You can not be too sure what the people inside are thinking or feeling so there’s that element of mystery. Nicely done!

Fran Coates

Tamani wrote: “Good composition, and colour drawing in the main subject. Also just a fun portrait expressing the excitement of cycling!”

Denis Robson

Tamani wrote: “The choppy waters, grey atmosphere and intensity of the swimmer all make this an interesting image, and I find myself feeling caught up in the drama of the waters!

Brie McKenzie

Tamani wrote: “Brie captured the colours of the lake and sky beautifully and her photograph gets a bonus for being crisply in-focus”

Anita Dumitra

Tamani wrote: “I like Anita’s use of composition – framing the church amongst the trees and bushes was well thought out.

The #Birthday30 team have awarded the following WOW certificates for overall challenges:

  • James for risking life and limb in pursuit of churches in central London
  • Jade for achieving the widest reach of new audience for MMF
  • Brie for participation from furthest away from Scotland (Canada)
  • Andrea for covering the widest geographical area (6 countries)
  • Anita for the most original idea
  • Denis for the most alarming idea
  • Sam for incorporating MMF into her working life and promoting active travel