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Ready to Learn Fund

The Ready to Learn Fund (formerly Discretionary fund) continues to be an essential part of our support to ensure MMF girls can benefit fully from their education. At the beginning of every term some girls need help with fares to enable them to get to school. Many need support for basic essentials like soap – small, practical things that most of us take for granted. 

“R2L Fund is helping our girls, if it was not there some of these girls would not be able to accomplish their goal of secondary education although fees already paid for them.“

Mercy Sibande, Malawi Manager

When Covid reached Malawi and schools closed Mercy reported that poverty became an even greater issue, to the extent that we were very concerned for the health of some of the girls.  Consequently, we helped with the cost of hospital transport for one girl and bought nutritional food for another ensuring that both girls later returned to school. 

When the schools reopened Mercy was able to use the fund to purchase local supplies of washable masks and to supply the schools who requested it with buckets and soap to assist handwashing.

Throughout all this time we continue to provide all MMF girls with, locally made, washable sanitary pads. This has proved to make such a difference to the lives of the girls, removing embarrassment and the stress caused by missing class for days every month.