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Trustees in Malawi

Our trustees, Moira and Angie, arrived safely in Malawi on Thursday. Happily, so did all their luggage. Having successfully navigated the sim card process and changed money they had time for some R&R in Lilongwe before heading north on the bus on Saturday.

So Friday was spent shopping in the Old Town Mall where they bought some new Christmas tree decorations for our tree in St Andrew’s and St George’s West in December. Then they went to the Wildlife Conservation Centre which is a must-visit for any visitor to Lilongwe. As well as being able to take a tour of the centre and its animals, there’s a restaurant in the park. Sitting sipping a ‘yummy’ (seasonal fruit smoothie) in the shade surrounded by the sounds of the birds and the smell of the BBQ was bliss.

The guided tour gave lots of information  about the saved animals and the conservation work of the centre. Angie discovered that one of the newly qualified Malawian vets who she recently met during their visit to Scotland had done her placement here at the centre! ‘Tis a small world!

Moira liked the centre’s shiny and strong bicycles which facilitate the staff getting around the park.