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Gift Aid is a win-win arrangement

Gift Aid it

Thanks so much to those who gift aid their donations to us. We’ve been spending some lockdown time digitising our gift aid records and checking them all as we go. This is a reminder of what Gift Aid is and what the rules are.

Adding Gift Aid to your donations means that, as a charity, we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It will not cost you any extra. Free money. This is a great boost to our funds every year.

You can only do gift-aid on donations for which you receive no benefit, so it can’t be a payment for goods or services. We can claim it on donations for our gift cards because you, the donor, are not getting the school uniform or pens, etc..

You need to make a Gift Aid declaration for us to be able to claim. Our gift aid declaration is now online, though we can always send you a paper form. If you are a regular donor, it is most likely that we already have a completed declaration from you – you could always get in touch to check if you wish. When you donate through VirginMoneyGiving, they collect the Gift Aid on our behalf.

Do I pay enough tax to Gift Aid donations?

Your donations will qualify as long as they’re not more than 4 times what you have paid in tax in that tax year (6 April to 5 April). The tax could have been paid on income tax or capital gains but no other form of tax applies.

If you pay tax at a rate above the basic rate, you can claim the difference between the rate you pay and the basic rate on your donation. Win-win.

Thanks to all our donors for their loyal support, whether than can include gift aid or not. Without you we would not be able to support girls at school in North Malawi.

Mzuzu Golden Coffee

Everyone loves drinking Mzuzu Coffee – in its distinctive gold packaging – when they visit Malawi. However, any that we can buy in Scotland has been roasted and finished here. So to grow the export market for the finished product – and keeping the all important roasting income in Malawi – Fair Trade Scotland Ltd teamed up with Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union to bring the roasted and packaged coffee to Scotland. The green bean is 20% heavier than the roasted bean – so doing the roasting and packing in Malawi is great for the climate too! 

This coffee is organic, single origin and fairly traded – what’s not to like? Economic development in Malawi is a concern of all of us working there as we strive to enable Malawians to have a brighter future. So that we can have this coffee easily available to buy, this great project still needs support from investors and you can be part of it by making a donation on this page.