MMF Gift Cards

Our gift cards are available to buy. You can choose to buy a paper card or an e-card. With either option we can, if you wish, write your personal message in the card or email and post or email it for you. If you prefer we can send you the ecard image print at home. Any problems, just contact us.

To buy any of these gift cards please email with the following information:

  • What card and how many of each?
  • Paper or by email?
  • Your postal address of that of the recipient of any paper cards.
  • You can pay by bank transfer to

Royal Bank of Scotland Inverness Branch

Sort Code 83-23-10

Account number: 12236169


Notebook and pens for 10 girls – £5.00


Sanitary wear for two girls – £10.00

Girl in uniform

School uniform – £16.00

Schoolgirls Malawi

School fees for a girl for a month – £25.00