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Sally walked the Berlin Wall in #Borders22

One of the participants for Borders22, Sally Macpherson, shared her 106-mile walk in her blog. She completed a virtual walk along the route of the Berlin Wall, remembering what happened at various points and paying homage to those who suffered there as she walked in Edinburgh.

For this walk, she used a guidebook, published in 2002, ‘Cycling along the Berlin Wall Trail Germany’ by Michael Cromer, one time chair of Berlin City Transportation Committee. He campaigned to keep the remnants of the Wall and to make this trail. 

Sally walked the 106-mile route in 14 stages based on the guidebook. She made a connection across time and place for each stage. She researched it all thoroughly, using not only the guidebook but also the internet for the most valid information so that she could introduce and share the stories in her blog.  

The trail starts and ends at Potsdamer Platz and goes right around the route of the Wall. Stage 6 includes this interesting information, giving you a flavour of the blog,  

This is a longer stage of about twelve miles, again through countryside. Perhaps this is why many escape attempts were made here. Sadly several were unsuccessful as shown by the memorial markers that we pass. One memorial is dedicated to “all the victims of the division of Germany”. 

The last entry in the blog is a contribution from her sister, Bridget Smeall, who shared her experience of living and working in Germany in the 1970s. 

Thanks Sally for your work and Bridget for your contribution. We hope you all enjoy her blog as much we did!