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Student Aiko Imamura

In 2022 Aiko joined us for 2 months from the University of East Anglia where she was doing an MA in International Development. Her interest in women’s empowerment and gender equality led her to apply to us for a work-based placement as part of her course.

We asked her to use our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning data to assess how well we had achieved our Strategic aims over the 5yrs of the plan i.e. 2018-22. 

She used this information, plus interviews with Trustees and Mercy, our Malawian Country Director, to produce a report for us.

This has been useful in confirming for us where we are succeeding and has informed our new Strategic Plan. It is good to know that a significantly higher number of MMF girls remained in school, than the Malawian average, even after the Covid-19 Pandemic, and that they exceeded the average results in their final year exams.

A summary of the Outcomes Report which Aiko produced is available here.