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Funding Streams

Whilst we rely on our fundraisers who work hard year after year to raise our core funding, we are also very fortunate in being supported by the following individuals/groups of people who have made long term commitments. It has meant that we have been able to support many more girls and it gives us the security we need to make the same 4yr commitment to the girls, 6yrs in the case of Embengweni.

  • Cameron Endowment Funding – now  in its final year
  • Thompson Fund – now supports 6 girls in Embengweni, a school for deaf children
  • Pat’s Fund – has enabled us to support another 5 girls at Embangweni
  • Lancashire West – 6 girls in their 2nd year at St Mary’s Karonga
  • Katy Fund – this  focuses mainly on the later school years and supports girls across three schools
Pie chart showing that regular donations account for 63% of our funds raised last year