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Funding Streams

We continued to be supported by the following individuals/groups of people who have made long term commitments. It has meant that we have been able to support many more girls and it gives us the security we need to make the same 4 year commitment to the girls, 6 years in the case of Embangweni.

  • Cameron Endowment Funding – continued to support 22 girls until July 2023. This funding has now finished apart from a small residual amount and so we said goodbye to all but 4 of the Cameron girls in July.
  • Thompson Fund – supported 6 girls in Embangweni, a secondary school for deaf children, in the year 2022-23 and fundraising for that Fund has since allowed us to increase that number.
  • Pat’s Fund – supported 5 girls at Embangweni
  • Lancashire West – supported 6 girls in their 2nd year at St Mary’s Karonga
  • Katy Fund – supported 13 girls in Menchengautuba Day school, 6 girls in Kaseye, Chitipa and 3 girls in St Mary’s, Karonga

Despite these generous gifts, the majority of the girls are still supported by our core funding, i.e. the fund raising and donations from many individuals who year after year give us regular donations or get themselves sponsored to do amazing things!

 Core MMF fundingCameron 2019-23Thompson 2019 –Lancashire WestKaty FundPat FundTotals
Embangweni Deaf12600514
Mchengautuba CDSS6100013029
St Mary’s Karonga06063015
Kaseye Girls’ Chitipa0000606
Girls supported in 2022-23 school year by funding stream