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New strategic Plan (January update to supporters)

Continued from the email ….

2022 marked the end of our first strategic plan!  Where did those years go? It has been a useful tool to guide our work year by year and to help us evaluate our achievements.

So, looking forward, we have created a new plan for 2023-27. Of course, much of what we do remains the same. Raising funds to advance the education of girls in North Malawi remains at the core of our work. However, how we do that can change.

In our new plan we have changed how we will achieve Priority 3: Brighter futures. There are now a number of organisations in Malawi providing mentoring to girls and it makes sense for us to research and communicate with them. Hopefully, we can help to facilitate their work in the North.

This also fits well with our new Priority 6: Localisation Journey. This means we will be working towards moving more of the focus of decision making and service provision from Scotland to Malawi. We now have 2 trustees in Malawi and we hope to increase this over time.

Another example of this was our contracting of a young Malawian photographer, Nerani Nthara, to take photos of MMF girls. She not only provided us with lovely photos, she was also an excellent and exciting role model for the girls. This is one of her photos:

Bandawe Girls with Mercy

The full Strategic plan is available here.