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The MMF Trustee Quiz: Part 2, the answers…

Numbers 2 and 3 are the correct answers. Mariot would love to hear from you if you are interested in joining our Board of Trustees. When you read Angie’s article here in the newsletter you get an idea of the motivation for working for MMF: ‘Poverty and gender inequality present so many barriers…. school and, in particular, boarding school, is a refuge and is life changing.”  Whatever time and experience you can bring to our Board can make a significant difference to Malawian girls and the women they grow up to be.

Here is Lynsey, our Treasurer, describing why she became a Trustee. 

I’m a Trustee for the Mamie Martin Fund because I believe all women should have access to education, no matter their circumstances, and MMF’s work has been shown to have a positive impact on the lives of the young women supported. It also provides me with invaluable work experience within the Third Sector, developing both my personal and professional skills!

Email Mariot at [email protected] or phone 01324 639245. No hard sell, but she’d be happy to give more information or answer questions.