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Soko Fund report continued

The Soko fund is currently supporting 11 MMF young women. University education in Malawi has been directly affected in Malawi by the pandemic, and government action there to combat it. Universities were closed completely as part of this. At the time of writing they have been authorised to reopen, but it is not yet clear exactly when and how each will do this. However, MMF has already nominated students for the new University intake, and we are optimistic that the successful applicants will be able to start their University careers before too long.

•    Mercy has worked very hard to provide advice and guidance to MMF school leavers about higher education and the possibilities for them. This both generates, and highlights the growing interest in vocational higher education and of course the extremely limited opportunities in Malawi, especially for young women.

•    Soko has now established a graduate association (SGA) which focuses primarily on helping graduates into employment, through, for example internships, and ‘job shops’. The association is run by the women themselves and has proved remarkably successful. For example, SGA worked up a number of initiatives designed to support local communities during the pandemic, and providing some employment for graduates. More details on that and the rest of the Soko fund’s activities at www.thesokofund.org.