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Maclina struggled to fund her education. Now she works in the energy sector, having graduated in Physical Planning from the University of Malawi.

Maclina attended Elangeni Secondary School from 2009-2011. She was supported there by the MMF. Her fees were paid and any small necessities were provided. In 2020, she graduated with a BSc in Physical Planning from Univeristy of Malawi Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) in Blantyre. She believes that MMF was a huge encouragement to her to carry on her education.

After receiving her degree, like many other graduates, Maclina found it hard to get work in her professional area. However, she worked for Serengeti Energy as an administrator until April 2023. This company is developing renewable energy plants in Sub-Saharan Africa. Maclina’s role included handling operations and the management side of the construction projects. She hopes to further her education by studying for an MSc in her professional field.

I thank God for MMF because they have contributed to my professional journey. MMF gave me freedom to focus on my studies, which is what I needed to make an impact and advance in my career. MMF has helped me to gain visibility. New opportunities may not have been visible without sponsorship which later led and is leading to greater opportunities”.

She hopes that current MMF girls will have the passion and courage to pursue their dreams like she had. She gave them a message:

“Whatever we receive today, is like a seed sowed for future generation. So, if you can’t work hard for yourself, do it for the ones watering the seed. MMF is advocating for, protecting and fighting for the career advancement of an individual, therefore it’s now up to every MMF beneficiary to respond positively. I can’t think of a person who rose without a sponsor, you (we) are lucky that we have people at the table of career advancement”.