Cycle with us! or on your own/with your family.

Story on Bikes 2020

Friday 31st July to Saturday 8th August 2020
Seven cycling days

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Story on Bikes 2020 is a cycling adventure about the story of Mamie Martin and the work of the Mamie Martin Fund. 40 riders are doing it in their own area with our ‘Stay-at-Home’ version, clocking their miles/Kms between now and 17th August. Registration for the Stay-at-Home option has now closed but registration for the ‘on location’ legs stays open till the day before that ride.

Main Stay-at-Home ride: Do the equivalent of the route between the homes of David Livingstone (Blantyre) and Mamie Martin, in whose name we support girls’ education in Malawi, (Tarbet) – 47 miles. You can also aim for the full ride distance which is 210 miles. Just add up your rides, take photos, post your photos and distances and you are part of the team! You will get a certificate for the distance you have covered. You ride these miles/Kms at your own time, in your own location and at your own pace.

We will post you a tee-shirt when you register on Eventbrite. If you have an old MMF-Soko tee-shirt you can use that – the two designs are only different in that this is solely an MMF ride, though with great support from the Soko Fund.

Please post photos of yourself on your bike or with your family. Post them on social media as below:

  • Facebook – Mamie Martin Fund @mamiemartinfund
  • Facebook – Cycling Miles for Malawi @miles4malawi
  • On Twitter, tagging @mamiemartinfund #storyonbikes
  • On Instagram, tagging @mmf_scotland #storyonbikes

Hashtag #storyonbikes when you remember! You could also hashtag #Malawi and #girlseducation

We will display your photo on our website unless you ask us not to. We will ask specific permission to post photos of children and will only keep them on the website for 6 months.

Remember – this is not a race or endurance test. It is a bit of fun to raise the profile of the Mamie Martin Fund. So ride whatever distances are good for you, whenever suits you and any time between now and 17th August. Your family can share distances – make yourselves into a team. Above all, enjoy your bike and have fun.

You can encourage your supporters to make a donation on our fund-raising page or you can set up your own fund-raising page there.

Distances: If you want to measure your rides in relation to the route, see the map link and image below for the shorter version and consider the following points on the route:

  • Blantyre to Cambuslang: 6 miles
  • Cambuslang to Glasgow Green (ice-cream): 4 miles
  • Glasgow Green to Riverside Museum (ice-cream): 3 miles
  • Riverside Museum to Clydebank: 5 miles
  • Clydebank to Dumbarton: 8 miles
  • Dumbarton to Balloch: 4 miles
  • Balloch to Luss: 10 miles
  • Luss to Tarbet: 7 miles

Our Story on Bikes Riders

The ‘on-location’ plan is here and details are as follows

On Fri 31st July, the cyclists will ride from Edinburgh to Blantyre, the home of David Livingstone, a socially distant family picnic, in the spirit of Mamie herself, will launch the project on Sat 1st August. The ride will travel to Tarbet, Loch Lomond, where Mamie was born and then to Falkirk, the home of some of the Martin family. We will read excerpts from Salt and Light (Mamie’s letters) at relevant points along the way. The ride will finish at Milk, a café on the cycle/walk path in Newhaven, Edinburgh.

This ride is designed to be inclusive and fun. It is not a race in any way. We have chosen traffic-free routes where possible but there is some road cycling. It is presented in seven legs and the terrain and conditions of each are described on the corresponding Eventbrite event page.