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‘Tour de Friends’ took on the Scotland-England border

A group of friends took on the Scotland-England border as part of #Borders22 – they did it twice, once to recce and once ‘for real’.

This route was based on that walked (in the opposite direction) by Alasdair Allan, as recounted in Tweed rins tae the Ocean‘. He walked the border. The cycle route had to be less precise as we are keen paved-road cyclists. We were hindered in our starting on both occasions by problems with trains. So we started from Carlisle or Longtown, rather than Annan, which is more accurately the Western end of the land border.

We had the best fun, weaving over and back across the border at various points, many not signed.

Thanks Shelagh, Liz, Heidi and Moira for this great contribution to #Borders22