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Nada and Debbie around the Leith boundary

Until 1920 Leith and Edinburgh were separate. They amalgamated in 1920. Travelling the boundary is fascinating. One highlight is the old Boundary Bar, with a door each in Leith and Edinburgh. There were different licensing laws in each area, so one came and went by the most convenient door, so as not to be caught breaking the law. The gifting of Pilrig Park to the people of Leith was part of the settlement and that was one of the many things learned on the rides and scoots around the boundary for #Borders22.

On a lovely sunny day in May, Nada travelled this boundary in ‘Scooty’, her mobility scooter. Debbie was on her bike. Moira was part of this adventure but she has her own page elsewhere. A delicious lunch was had at Santosa, on Albert Street, close to Boundary Square and just before the interesting markers on the buildings, indicating the old boundary.

Thanks Debbie and Nada for your joyful participation in #Borders22