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Annie Nkhoma’s story continued …

Annie graduated with a BSc in Soil Science from the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) with the help of SOKO Fund. She is so grateful for the MMF and SOKO support that has allowed her to reach this far with her education. Her home is in Karonga so her trips to and from LUANAR involved a 10-hour overnight bus trip each way and then an hour’s minibus ride to the campus. ‘It was a tiresome journey’, she admits.

Annie would like to get a job in her field with the Malawian Government or an NGO in Malawi. She says “if I fail to get a job from government or an NGO, I would like to be involved in self-employment (being an entrepreneur e.g. doing business to support my daily life and others)”. She believes that through her career some change shall be seen in her community because she will act as a role model to younger girls and women who, due to poverty, think that they cannot reach far in their education levels.