Covid-19 update

In the light of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working at a distance in Scotland. We continue to be available by email at admin@mamiemartin.org

Our concern now is for Malawi. The numbers of confirmed cases and, sadly, the numbers of Covid-19 related death in Malawi are rising.

With an already overstretched and under resourced healthcare system, Malawi is highly vulnerable to this crisis. We are doing all we can to support our friends and partners at this incredibly important time. The schools in Malawi remain closed and we stay in touch with Mercy and with our partners there about the situation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this pandemic around the world and, in particular with those in Malawi who do not have the resources to combat it.

Welcome to the Mamie Martin Fund website. The Mamie Martin Fund was established in 1993 by the family and friends of Mamie Martin, to advance the education of girls in secondary school in North Malawi.

A video about our partnership with The Soko Fund

This year (2019-20) we pay the fees of, and support, 138 girls across six schools, including six girls at a school for Deaf children in Embangweni. We work with the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia, Mchengautuba Community Day Secondary School in Mzuzu and with the RC Diocese of Karonga.

At least one MMF Trustee visits Malawi each year as part of our governance.

Fees at a boarding school (necessary for reasons of distance, safety and allowing the girls to study) are approx £350.00 a year. Fees at the Community Day school which we support are considerably lower at £55.00 a year.

“Your appeal is that you are focused; know your area, partners and client group well; have a small but committed group of supporters; and, most importantly, will have a long term impact through the education of girls. Not a difficult choice to make!”

Comment from a donor, explaining why she chose the Mamie Martin Fund.