Gift cards for Christmas

Christmas card

We have a range of gift cards which might provide good solutions to Christmas ‘problems’. You can ‘buy’ a uniform or other necessities for a Malawian girl or make a donation of any amount and get a Christmassy-looking card to send to your family and friends as a gift. Your gift will make a big difference in Malawi and is likely to be welcomed by those who really do have everything they need just now.

Cards can be ordered from Hazel on who will post them to you. Hazel can be reached by phone on 01259 742827 or 07852 317825

The prices are: School Uniform for one girl £16.00; 10 Notebooks and pens £5.00; Sanitary wear for two girls £10.00; School fees for a girl for a month £25.00 or any donation for the Chrismassy one.