‘Take back our thanks!’


A small flask of Margaret Sinclair’s ashes is now buried in Bandawe, beside those of her mother Mamie who died in 1928 and the baby brother who died at birth. The burial service took place during the recent Trustee visit, with Mariot representing Margaret’s family and Moira representing MMF. The tone of the service was one of thanksgiving and appreciation of Margaret’s contribution to Malawi through the founding of the Mamie Martin Fund, 25 years ago. The memorial church built in memory of Mamie was opened up for the burial service and pupils from BAGSS had been busy that morning sweeping and decorating it. They were present at the church in large numbers and their beautiful singing rang loudly through the old building, as did the singing of the Women’s Guild and the choir from the Thipura congregation. Mariot at her mother's grave

Rev. Maxwell Banda had arranged the service and took great care to tell the story of Mamie and Jack in the 1920s and then Margaret and John in the 1990s. One of the current pupils from Bandawe Girls’ Secondary School spoke on behalf of the MMF and said very simply ‘I wouldn’t be here if not for Mamie Martin Fund’.  The CCAP was represented at the service by a large party of ministers and office bearers, several of whom spoke during the service. The Moderator of the Synod was emphatic in his request that we take back a message to the Mamie Martin Fund: ‘Take back our thanks!’  Moira spoke on behalf of MMF and Mariot spoke on behalf of Margaret’s family and included a carefully rehearsed greeting in Tonga. The morning was full of music and  colour and a sense of connection and of history.