MMF Christmas tree 2018


We are delighted to be taking part, for the second year, in the Edinburgh Christmas Tree Festival. This is a  festival of Christmas Trees, as you might expect. It is hosted by our friends and supporters, the St Andrew’s and St George’s West Community in George Street, Edinburgh. This is a great way to celebrate our work and our connection with other organisations near and far. St Andrew’s and St George’s West have a long history of close association with Malawi so they were delighted that we’ve been shopping for new tree decorations in Malawi this year.

The Festival opened on the 8th December and will remain open Saturday to Monday until the 24th. Do drop in when you are in Edinburgh, admire the trees and read all the messages of hope from lots of organisations – large and small. There is enough gloom and doom; here you can step away from it for a few moments.