Bandawe Girls’ Secondary School

Alison girls BAGSS

What a joy it is to visit the girls’ boarding school at Bandawe, BAGSS, which is a very special place in MMF history. Nearby lie the graves of Mamie Martin and her infant son as well as the ashes of her daughter, Margaret Sinclair. At BAGSS we are supporting 42 girls this year – paying all of their fees and also helping them with some small necessities when they don’t have the means even for those. Eight of those girls are ‘Alison’ girls, supported by the Scottish Government through the Cameron Endowment – pictured.

Trustee, Mariot Dallas, granddaughter of Mamie Martin, was thrilled to find friends from her school exchange days. As a teacher at Falkirk High School she visited BAGSS three times, twice with school pupils, and forged lifelong friendships in the process.