New partnership in the community

Signing Partnership Mchengautuba 2018_

We are thrilled to sign a new partnership agreement. Our new partner is a Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) in Mzuzu. Mchengautuba CDSS is in a very poor area and many of the pupils are in child-headed families. They are an exuberant, engaged and ambitious group. Trustees, Mariot Dallas and Moira Dunworth, attended an Open Day at the school, which was held to showcase the school, at which the Partnership Agreement was signed, amid music, dancing, speeches (of course) and student-created dramas about why girls need support for their education. The invited guests included parents, local businesses, banks and well-wishers. The Ministry of Education was well-represented and everyone present was as impressed as we were by the development of this new school. We look forward to being part of that development. One of the guests, who was invited to speak as a role model, turned out to be an ex-beneficiary of MMF. More about her in another post.

This year we will support our first six pupils at Mchengautuba CDSS. Next year this will be augmented by 10 ‘Alison’ girls, thanks to the Cameron Endowment by the Scottish Government. We hope to increase our support there over the next few years and are confident that this will make a huge difference to many girls’ lives and the lives of their families and community.