Collage of hoolahoopoing

After great anticipation and lots of practice the Hoolahooping ladies of Dunfermline Curves achieved their aim to keep a hoolahoop going for 5 hours as an event to support MMF.

8 members and 4 staff took part throughout Monday 27th August, keeping those hoops in the air for 3hrs in the morning and over 2hrs in the afternoon. The enthusiasm was such that at times 2 or even 3 people were twirling at the same time, just managing to avoid each other as they stood in the middle of the circuit!

Others watched and cheered them on as they did their gym workout around them.

Everyone said how much fun the day had been.

The day raised a lot of interest in the Mamie Martin Fund. Comments like “what a good cause”, “it is so important to support girls into school” and “we don’t know how lucky we are” kept coming. Angie Wynn, one of our trustees, a member of Curves and enthusiastic hoolahooper, organised the day along with support from Curves’ staff. As well as taking part she was around most of the day to answer questions and join in encouraging the “hoopers”.

Everyone who took part said how much they had enjoyed themselves and that they should “do this more often!”

But most importantly, the Curves members hope to raise at least £300. Enough to support one girl for a whole year. Sponsor money is still coming in and the donation page is open until 30th November.

Many thanks to all those who have already donated and to those who intend to.