New Banking Arrangements


Due to our change in status, we have also had to change our bank account. Unfortunately, since we are a small charity, the majority of donations that we receive are currently done so through Standing Orders, which our bank is unable to transfer to our new account.
As a result, we will be contacting all of our regular donors within the coming weeks in order to make sure that future donations are paid to our new account. In order to safeguard us against similar scenarios in the future, and so that we do not feel restricted to always remain with the same bank, we have decided to begin using GoCardless to process regular donations.

GoCardless is a leading direct debit provider that provides simple, secure and regular online payments, and is subject to the Direct Debit guarantee. No credit/debit card or online banking is required to use the service, and the transaction costs involved are relatively low.

Our administrator Hazel will be in touch with you very shortly to assist you in this process, and we thank you in advance for your time in doing so. We really cannot thank you enough for your regular support, which allows us the security to continue supporting around 80 girls each year in Malawi.